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2010.Close; 2011.Open;

What a year it has been. From just a personal level 2010 has been my banner year so far. I have got more done, met more cool people, had more fun, and learned more than I would have ever thought possible. Here is just a short list of things that have happened for me (in…

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Creating a vApp : UBER UIM

I recently jumped in to help my team create a vAppliance for Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM). This was to help enable both the EMC and Cisco field teams to demo and standup proof of concepts. As part of this I decided to try and create a web-only wizard for setting up the appliance. I used…

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VSA Time : Fix the blue screen

First off, special thanks to Jason Boche for finding the root cause of this issue. Turns out in an OVA deployment the time syncing with ESX and VMware tools will cause problems with the SSL cert generation. Basically with some setups it will bounce time 5 hours forward *before* the SSL cert is generated. This…

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Don’t Panic : Mirror Positions

What happens to a VM that is hosted on a VMFS datastore when you physically remove both of the mirrored drives from the array? Kernel panic/blue screen right? What if you were replicating that LUN to another site using array based replication? Would the VM still crash? Not if you’re using Symmetrix Remote Data Facility,…

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