Effort vs Credit

In life, your effort will be judged by your peers, superiors, and dependents. Sometimes there is effort you can make which is somewhat impossible for your superiors to fully grasp. Maybe it is too technical. Perhaps they are too busy. Or it may just be your inability to communicate the value. But you know why…

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Bring the popcorn

I have been traveling around this year speaking on automation and how it is a positive evolution to technology engineers. I love nothing more than inspiring engineers to push themselves into fun tools and patterns for making themselves more valuable. This week and next I will be speaking at both VMworld 2013 and PuppetConf 2013…

Project Zombie

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nickapedia.com 3.0

This blog has bounced around between a lot of different things as I have adapted to what my career has placed before me. Today I start a new iteration. And in this iteration I am going to focus much more on whatever strikes my fancy as a personal blog. In the past this has been…

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