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Straighten up with a new UBER tool : Presenting UBERAlign

NOTICE: For more info on UBERAlign Advanced (API / CLI / Powershell) features also read the new post here: You know how in cartoons they show a small snowball rolling down a hill until it grows into a massive beast of a snow boulder? Well, that is kind of how my most recent UBER project…

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VMware Workstation 2011 : w00t

Just a quick blog post but I wanted mention that VMware has just release the new VMware Workstation 2011 and Fusion 4. Basically 100% of the projects I do on have been done on VMware Workstation. I have done the big-Windows 7 machine running Workstation with virtual ESX/vCenter for over a year now. And…

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PowerPath/VE : Free trial

If you are lucky enough to have an EMC backed virtual environment to work with; did you know that you can test drive PowerPath Virtual Edition (VE) for free? Go over to: and signup for a free 45 day trial. This of course requires you use ISCSI or Fibre (i.e. block storage) with either…

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