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VMware Workstation 2011 : w00t

Just a quick blog post but I wanted mention that VMware has just release the new VMware Workstation 2011 and Fusion 4. Basically 100% of the projects I do on have been done on VMware Workstation. I have done the big-Windows 7 machine running Workstation with virtual ESX/vCenter for over a year now. And…

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Don’t Panic : Mirror Positions

What happens to a VM that is hosted on a VMFS datastore when you physically remove both of the mirrored drives from the array? Kernel panic/blue screen right? What if you were replicating that LUN to another site using array based replication? Would the VM still crash? Not if you’re using Symmetrix Remote Data Facility,…

Enterprise Array

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Tune Out Vendor Noise

As an infrastructure manager I used to get annoyed at vendors who would tell me about products that were the best at solving problems I didn’t have. Some of those products solved problems that nobody has. I refer to this behavior as vendor noise, and it really frustrates me. The industry as a whole seems…

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