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In a week or so, I will leave Dell EMC after a short run. It was a fun ride, and I got to meet an awesome set of people inside the Hybrid Cloud Platform team. This change may come as a shock to some so I wanted to explain it here. My leaving Dell is…

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Sell, Execute, Grow, Iterate

Sell the vision well and the doors will open. Very few good ideas get to happen without someone selling the idea to someone. It is the vision of it. The story that is told. The belief in something better that greases wheels. As a recent boss loved to say: You can do anything you can justify…

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Goodbye Zombies

It has been amazing. That is the only way to describe it. Project Zombie was an experience filled with amazing challenges and people. And for me this season is over. I will be leaving VMware soon to take a position at Intel as a Principal Cloud Architect. I will be focusing on helping them develop some amazing…

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