The late recap post : AKA Top 7 things I learned in 2011

2011 was a banner year for me in accomplishing great things and learning new lessons. To recap my 2011 I thought I would share:


 Top 7 Things I Learned in 2011


1. I must be doing something right

This is the obligatory stats part of my list. Comparing 2011 to 2010 I doubled my visits, unique visitors, and pageviews. Time on site went up about 33% per visit which may just be because I cleaned up the look and made it easier to find stuff. The most interesting thing is my traffic has been much higher in the last half of this year. It is yet to be seen if I can keep this up in 2012.

2. Rental cars need love too

I learned a couple good lessons about rental cars this year. First, if you attend a conference and park your rental car right under the awning of a luxury golf resort hotel. And because you travel all the time you *think* you remember that you had it valeted when you didn’t. You may have an awkward moment 22 hours later when the very large head of security finds you by having the local police track your license plate. And an even more awkward walk through the gauntlet of freshly pressed security guard suits while you are holding the keys in your hand to go move it.

Also, a nice tip to remember is that push button cars require you to push the button to turn them off. And 4 hours of idling in a parking lot will make a 2011 Dodge Charger a refrigerator with foggy windows if you happen to have left the AC on MAX…

3. Vegas can get old

Seriously, not trying to make those that didn’t get to go to Vegas tons of times feel bad. But, after calling Vegas hotels home for more conferences that I can remember in 2011 I am ready for some more Boston, San Francisco, or Orlando in 2012.

4. What being a zombie is like

As part of the prep for making the EMCWorld vLabs work this year both myself and my team lost a LOT of sleep. In fact that was the first time I saw a human being work for 40 hours straight without sleeping and still be lucid (Chris “The Rock” Horn). There are gaps in my memory that I will never fill. But when the fog lifted and the labs rocked I don’t think I have ever had quite such an awesome feeling. I think I can still walk from a Venetian hotel room through the casino and into the convention center by sound and smell alone.

5. If you build it they will come

I have had a massive amount of downloads from both the older VSA’s and newer tools (UBERAlign for one). YTD comes out to over 30,000+ downloads with the majority being over 2GB in size. Nothing makes me happier than some crazy idea in my head making someone’s life easier.

6. I know jack about Cloud

This is a tough one to admit. But, 2011 was the year where I ended it questioning whether I had a decent grasp of cloud computing like I thought I did. I believe the key to development is knowing you need to know more. And I really want to dive into the guts of the evolving cloud paradigm from more than just a virtualization or storage perspective.

7. People matter

From my incredible teammates, my managers, my close friends, my family, and my community friends I have been supported in so many ways. Leaving my old vSpecialist team was very hard. And I miss their infectious interactions. I am looking forward to working closely with more people in 2012, meeting new rockstars I can learn from, and hopefully positively affecting others.

2011 was a good year. I am looking forward to what this next year will be like. Thanks for visiting in 2011.


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  1. I believe the key to development is knowing you need to know more. -Well said Nick.  I just came across your blog from the EMC blog section and really enjoyed this post.  Congrats on doubling page views and unique visits.

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