Note to self : Scary choices pay off

Self-reflection is something I don’t do very often. I tend to focus on the next impossible goal and not look back. But, these last few weeks I spent a lot of my time looking back. I have been thinking about what a great run I have had so far here at EMC.


If you would have gone back in time and told me (relevant post : Fear and Atmosphere) that I was going to do some of the things I did in the last 1 ¾ years I would have thought you were crazy.

To be honest, when I first joined the vSpecialist team I was scared to death I would fail. I was so far outside my comfort zone going to work for a pre-sales organization with a major vendor that I didn’t have a really good idea what my job would be exactly and if I could do it.

Fast forward to now and I am sitting here typing on my Mac and thinking of all the impact that the vSpecialist organization has enabled for me. I have been able to move the ball with vAppliance and Virtual Storage hackery. I made a rap video extolling the tenacity of my group (which was watched by the CEO). I spoke at my first conference session (VMworld). I was able to help do things at both EMCWorld conferences that were never done before (VPLEX demo /Labs). And I released a ton of free tools that helped enable my community.

I also had the privilege of learning, working, and having fun next to the coolest group of men and women there is. I have made a great many friends and will always consider my run as a vSpec as a turning point in my career.

But, this post isn’t about success itself. It is about knowing that sometimes you can do great/fun things by stepping out into the unknown.

So having said that, I am excited to announce I will officially be leaving the vSpecialist organization. I have accepted a position with the EMC Office of the CTO as a technologist working with the Advanced R&D team. My new role will be as a part of the team attacking the new challenges around cloud and helping EMC be ahead of the curve in providing value to this new paradigm.

This is a bitter-sweet change as I am leaving the vSpecialists where I have a strong personal connection. I will be leaving my Tech Enablement buddies and no longer working for the management that made me who I am today.

But, life is about change and growth. And this decision is based around that goal. I had a great many choices (which I won’t share here) and making this decision was one of the hardest I have had to make. Yet, ultimately moving to the Office of the CTO is going to challenge me in a way I have never been challenged before. In my original logic I decided that EMC was a great opportunity to develop and this move is a continuation of that goal.

From a blog/community perspective this blog will no longer be as dedicated to purely VMware tools/gadgets (though it will include those also). 99% of what I am going to be working on will be confidential. But, the work will allow me to expand and comment on newer technologies and broader cloud-computing topics.

I want to thank the vSpecialist organization from my peers to my management for the incredible run and helping set me up to where I am going. I will never forget what an amazing experience it was to work with such an awesome group. I also want to thank those who provided insight and wisdom in this decision (You know who you are).

Life is full of safe and scary choices. Sometimes the scary ones pay off the most. You never know till you try.

Wish me luck.


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  1. It’s true, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. If you are comfortable, you aren’t moving fast enough. I’m glad to see you making such strides. You are a genuine talent. Kudos to EMC for helping your career keep pace with your aptitude. Congrats, my friend.

  2. Nick – congrats on the move. You’ve moved to a group of some very smart folks and they can use someone like you that communicates so well with the outside world (in other words – please keep blogging).

  3. Nick, I know the fear that accompanies such a change but you’ll be so glad you did it!  New challenges, learning…that’s what it’s all about. Congrats!

  4. Congrats my friend. I remember being your TC at EMC to you doing some amazing things. You showed many folks how possible the impossible is. Your achievements are many and your contributions are profound. I wish you luck my friend.


    • Thanks Aaron. I know you are one of the few at EMC that saw be back as a Network Admin in a small conference room arguing about virtualization & SAN.  And I remember you were the only SE that I didn’t kick their butt around the room 🙂

      Thanks and see you around man,


  5. Nick, first as a customer, now a partner of EMC, I have have greatly enjoyed your “adventures” over the past 1 1/’2 years, when I discovered your blog.

    A well deserved position, and I hope to keep seeing the “tools for the storage geeks” movement still going by another vSpecialist that heeds your advice.

    • Thanks Michael,

      That is really cool to hear. I will definitely keep doing what I can to help the community and hopefully encourage others to try new things.


  6. As I’m delayed in responding to this (since I was with limited bandwidth in Asia when this came out)
    Congrats man.
    No serious, OMG AMAZING WTF OMG Congrats!

    It’s amazing to see the organization tap the resources which WILL change the future and make it part of their job instead of you just doing those things anyway in spite of the organization.  That’s another reason why EMC continues to get my vote of confidence on doing things right!

    I look forward to all of the rockstardom coming out of you in this role!  I wonder if I can find a way for our two orgs to communicate and work together;)

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