Excited about EMCWorld 2011? : Show it off

I was working on something completely different when I realized some of the code/graphics I had put together would look quite cool as a screensaver. So if you are a fan of the cloud, a fan of EMC, or even just a fan of slick multi-monitor screensavers; give my new EMCWorld 2011 screensaver a shot.

Couple of details:

  1. It is hardware accelerated. I can’t guarantee the frame rate on weaker graphics chips. All mine are beefy.
  2. It is multi-monitor capable. Looks great on my 3 monitors.
  3. Works is all the resolutions I could try. You can have different resolutions on different monitors also.
  4. Each monitor gets a different randomized effect which looks quite cool.
  5. Reminds you every once in a while about EMCWorld 2011 being the place where Big Data and Cloud are going to meet.
  6. I don’t have a Mac version yet and probably won’t since I don’t own a Mac (I know, my team shuns me for this…)


EMCWorld 2011 Screensaverfrom Nicholas Weaver on Vimeo.


And the download:

EMCWorld 2011 UBER Screensaver


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Right click as an Administrator and click ‘Install’
  4. Open up Screensaver settings and select ‘EMCWorld 2011’



This screensaver is neither endorsed nor supported by anyone at EMC. It is solely the product of me, an overactive and slightly strange geek.


Comments rock my world. Thanks


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  1. Tried downloading the screensaver, and getting asked for username/password from EMC internal. Any ideas?

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