Play it again, Sam: Celerra UBER v3.2

The UBER VNX VSA was just released. Go HERE to download the new version.



Another bug and another fix. I can’t tell if I am getting better at finding bugs or worse at testing.

Today I was able to replicate a weird issue that caused iSCSI LUNs to not show up with the ESXi 4.1 iSCSI adapter. Quick fix but if you are going to do iSCSI instead of NFS and are having issues, download the new VSA below:

Workstation Version
(MD5: a2136179d4d9544e4f8e3b43b7cc182e)

vSphere Version OVA
(MD5: c3d8abfb536aecca34c83d318c2c3e5f)



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  1. …anyone having issues with the web interface…the SSL cert is not valid until 07/10 – move your date forward on your client until the date moves over 🙂
    thanks dude for your work – awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I should’ve read your comment about iscsi bug fix in this version. I’ ve been bashing my head with ESX not seeing the iscsi LUN with uber v.3.1 …… 3:-D
    I’ll give this version a go. Thanks very much!!!

  3. Trying to download UBER VSA 3.2 but seems the file is missing. Any assistance. I tried ftp-ing directly and still cannot find the file.

    • Both downloads appear to be working for me. Are you sure you are not blocked for FTP?

      Also internal EMC employees need to be outside the firewall in North-East locations.


    • I have downloaded UBER VSA 3.2 yesterday but this zip file doesn’t open (size Celerra VSA – aprox. 2GB) Any body knows how can I get this file?

  4. Hi Nick,

    I have the VSA running in a fusion VM, but can’t get the UniSphere-GUI to work. All the browsers will start with a blue Unisphere screen and will eventually stop loading. This problem is occurring with all the MAC browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

    Have you heard of this problem and is there a fix for it?

    regards, AJ

  5. Is it possible to split the control station and datamover roles to different VMs? I am interested in setting up a configuration similar to my production environment so I can test more scenarios (cable pulls on primary DM, power failure, etc…).

  6. Hello. I have the VMworkstation and the Celerra VSA v.3.2 installed. After I login and try to use any of the functions I get the following error message:
    Message from webpage
    “Internal Error Occured!”
    Name: TypeError
    Error: [object Error]
    Description: ‘win’ is null or not an object Message: ‘win’ is null or not an object
    Any suggestions to fix my configuration will be appreciated.

  7. Hey Nick I’m getting an error that occurs at 99% when downloading the Workstation version. Have had the problem with Chrome and Firefox. Trying the torrent you posted.

  8. Great Blog

    I am in the process of building a lab at home, and found your article. It works perfectly. I am running the Celerra VSA, VC, AD on My Dell XPS and have ESXi installed on the Shuttle, running vMA, vShields, and two nested ESXi Running some windows 7 and Centos VM’s VMotion, Storage VMotion, vDS, DRS, HA, All working well. Booting from the SD card is Great, The Celerra VSA is using Raid 1 Disk on my Dell XPS. I can teardown and redeploy the Lab very fast with your setup. I am in the proccess of building a vCloud Director lab, to become comfortable with the Install and Configuration.

    Thanks Again
    Bill Roberts

  9. Is there any documentation that explains a few things?

    1) What is the difference between a RAID Group, Storage Pool and Volume and the relationship between them? It seems that if I want to use all the space, I am best to use the “default” or pre-made Storage pools, and it seems like it makes the Volumes automatically….I am very confused.
    2) How the automatic or pre-defined storage pools assign space? can you remove the space from the automatic ones and assign it to your own pools?
    3) How space is added – when I added a 300 GB VMDK to the virtual machine, it split it up into a bunch of “disks”…is the idea that I added a “DAE” or shelf?
    4) In a real Celerra, do you need to “provision” disks before they can be used?

    I thought I understood this stuff – but I am confused.

    I thought a RAID Group was simply a collection of disks into a RAID level (1, 5, 6, 10 etc). I was expecting to be able to create RAID groups of whatever size I chose – a 7 disk RAID 5, or a 6 disk RAID 1 etc.

    I thought a Volume was a collection of RAID Groups.

    And I thought a Storage Pool was a collection of Volumes….

    Please clarify for me if you have the time.



  10. Hi Nick,

    Thanks very much for the Celerra UBER v3.2. It’s great.

    I have noticed VMware Tools is showing as “not installed”, and as a side effect, I cannot see paravirtualised drives or add the VMNET3 network interface card.

    Could you advise me how to install or upgrade VMware Tools allow addition of the aforementioned devices?

    • I have found an outdated vmware-tools on the VSA but disabled. When I start it I do see that it is disabled for a reason.
      My attempts to install the current vmware-tools (from the ESX v4.0.x tarball) fail to compile.

      Haas anyone has success getting a current vmware-tools working?

  11. hi nick, great work.
    In my setup @ home i have the cellera v.3.2 running on a ESXi 4.1 u1, providing iscsi for 2 other ESXi´s. jumbo frames enabled , but for some reason it seems that the cellera peaks on I/O at 20mb/s and stops there.
    Is there a parameter in the cellera config that sets this limit? Can we change it? 🙂

  12. VSA in a VMware Lab Manager environment.

    We use the VSA for testing in a VMware Lab Manager environment. The older release (v5.6.43) and works as intended. Once I capture the VSA into a library I can clone it to workspaces without re-licensing; clone it and run it! That VSA does have vmware-tools installed AND I can upgrade them as needed.

    The new UBER release v3.2 (v6.0.36) prevents me from doing the above and I need this cloning ability like before for my test beds.

    WHen I capture a working VSA to a library then clone that library to a new configuration, the IP used for my NFS exports is not reachable yet when I look at the license everything is on-line and the cge0 bridge is configured for the correct IP and claims to be “up”.

    I do not yet know if this is a problem caused by the lack of vmware-tolls or an intentional change in the VSA to prevent using it in a Lab Manager fenced configuration.

    Thank you for your efforts, please advise.


    • Newer versions are 64 bit and the build is missing components that are needed to install vmware tools. This is a known issue that will hopefully get resolved in a future release.

  13. OK – I really need to get this running – and with down, I used BitTorrent.  But the only .torrent I found got me UBER_VNX(NFS)_v1,zip, which has the VSA but the files are all dated 4/8/2011.

    How much pain and suffering is ameliorated by the current version of the UBER VSA vs. the 4/8/11 version?  Should I wait until comes back online (if ever)?  Does anyone have a .torrent or an alternative download for the current version?

    Thanks in Advance,


  14. Hi Nick! Thanks for sharing that with us, it seems a really great tool! However I’m looking for your advise as I’m stuck trying to make a single feature working: I wonder if it’s possible to make lun snapshots with NaviSECCli with any of VSA you created? Please, please advise!

    Thanks in advance,
    Nikita Yeryomin

  15. OK am i missing instructions here? i don’t see them running Workstation 7 with 2 ESX 4 and a 2008 r2 vcenter box. Never setup a OVA i tried on workstation says file inside doesnt match ova , so i tried on ESX it imported but got a cpu error on boot, Please point me to instructions thanks good work 

    • the link (there is only one download above working) does work. I just tested from two separate places.

      Also, comments by names like ‘Abctest’ usually get deleted as spam…


  16. Hi Nick, Great info & tools. II was wondering if either the uber_celerra or uber_vnx vsas can be connected to a Fc tape library (using a pass-through device on the vsphere host).  Im stuck in a situation where we’re swithing an old cx300 with netapp fas3210 but I cant restore from NDMP backups (arcserv v15) from one to the other…if possible looking for a way not to keep the cx300 up & running just so that Im able to restore a file or two here & there…

    thanks in advance
    avi polsky

  17. Nick, I keep getting a “Required Java Plugin not found.A minimum of JRE 1.6.0 is required for this application” message, when i try to webaccess the appliance. Can’t find a way to work around it ? Any ideas ?

  18.  Hi Nick,

    Great work man! Much appreciated!  I’ve installed
    Celerra UBER v3.2 VSA from this page and run it in workstation 8 and it works fine. however, I’m facing a problem that all wizards are not working! When I click at any of them, I have no response. Any idea how to solve this issue?

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