Play it again, Sam: Celerra UBER v3.2

The UBER VNX VSA was just released. Go HERE to download the new version.



Another bug and another fix. I can’t tell if I am getting better at finding bugs or worse at testing.

Today I was able to replicate a weird issue that caused iSCSI LUNs to not show up with the ESXi 4.1 iSCSI adapter. Quick fix but if you are going to do iSCSI instead of NFS and are having issues, download the new VSA below:

Workstation Version
(MD5: a2136179d4d9544e4f8e3b43b7cc182e)

vSphere Version OVA
(MD5: c3d8abfb536aecca34c83d318c2c3e5f)



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