Smoothed Edges : Celerra UBER VSA Update v3.1

It came to my attention pretty quick that something was amiss with the last Celerra VSA UBER release. I heard strange stories of disks not adding and the OVA not deploying. Since this thing is drawing close on a couple thousand downloads some environmental, transfer, and operational bugs/errors will cause problems.

But I finally nailed this down myself when I was doing my iSCSI testing. I had run into a SRM bug (see post here) this week. And as I was parsing the logs I noticed a couple lines that confirmed it. There was definitely a bug as iSCSI objects were not pulling the new instantiated ID that is created with the wizard.

So after 8 hours or so of diving through and reversing engineering I finally found the culprit. It went all the way back to the original build I get from engineering. I wrote a patch, tested against my running VSA’s, and confirmed I had the fix. But while I was about rebuilding the VSA’s I decided to do a couple more things that didn’t make the last list. Here is the running list of changes:


  1. Bugfix: Passphrase for peer connections is will now save correctly. This is related to the ID bug. Before if you rebooted the VSA replications (NFS or iSCSI) would no longer work.
  2. Bugfix: iSCSI replication now creates LUN’s and Replication sessions with proper naming ID’s.
  3. Bugfix: NTP settings for Data Mover will update time during wizard immediately to correct large skew.
  4. Bugfix: Either SCSI or IDE disks will add correctly to automatic volumes now. This was a random error for some installs.
  5. VSA is now a fresh built VM (Hardware version 7). This cleans up the VMX considerably.
  6. OVA is now built from OVFTOOL 2.01. I tested deployments through Standalone Converter and VI Client deploy.
  7. Downloads now also have MD5 hashes available to verify no errors/changes in transit. I highly recommend checking the MD5 as several people have gotten bit errors from our FTP.
  8. Confirmed both the current Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) plug-in and Celerra NFS plug-in works great with VSA. Videos soon with config.



Here are the new downloads for 3.1. I recommend replacing all previous versions of 3.0:

Now get to downloading… (***UPDATE links below are the updated 3.2 version fixing 3.1 bugs. ****) – LINK

Workstation Version
(MD5: a2136179d4d9544e4f8e3b43b7cc182e)

vSphere Version OVA
(MD5: c3d8abfb536aecca34c83d318c2c3e5f)


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  1. I have a problem, I setup everything correctly with the simualtor but I cannot connect remotely via ssh to the system. After asking for user and password it closes the connection. Is this intended?

  2. NIck, as of 8/8/2011 we are still having issues with adding disk. we have tried a few different ways.
    we have one that works, we have one that has been redeployed a few times and won’t work.
    we tried thick and thin.. 2 different 1TB LUNs..  we have tried to add 500gigs to each.. trying to setup a vmware SRM lab..
    let me know if you get time to fix…. Ronald

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