Fix coming soon : DART 6.0 / iSCSI / SRM Celerra SRA

So transparency is a good thing right? Especially since I just found out I have a ‘vendor’ blog *eek* 😉

I will make this short and sweet. I have been working on a home lab SRM thingy for a couple weeks. I had completed all my testing with NFS replication and plug-ins. Pretty darn sweet stuff but that is another post coming. When I moved on to the the iSCSI testing everything was kosher until I ran into issues with the Celerra Replicator SRA. It will crash out with a ‘discoverLuns’ error when searching the Celerra for the replicated session. In my lab I am using the new DART 6.0 UBER VSA.

Turns out this issue is known and just related to a naming change. EMC already has a fix (I tested and it works) and it is on its way through the official channels as we speak.

So once again with iSCSI replicated sessions on DART 6.0 there is an issue with the ‘discoverLuns’ command only. This does not affect the NFS replication with the Celerra SRA or other Clariion, Recoverpoint, Symmetrix  replications/SRA’s.

As soon as the release is out watch for it here or on Chad’s site.


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  1. Hi,
    Totally agree,,, I’ll wait for it to come out, thank you.
    “Error while executing ‘discoverLuns’ command.”


  2. Yes, I just recently installing the updated Celerra Replicator SRA which is version 4.0.22 as of this post. Where I was previously reproducing the “discoverLuns” error related to the iSCSI SRM setup earlier (had been running 4.0.19), the latest has resolved it for me.

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