Selfish Self Promotion : Vote For Me!

I don’t usually do this. I prefer for the fruits of my labor to speak for themselves. I didn’t really promote my VMworld session for this reason. My theory was, if people want to see my session they will come if not they probably should be in Chad’s or Scott’s anyways 🙂

And all the plugins, virtual storage appliance, coding, and work for the community I do because I like to. Out of this I have made a great number of friends and have been having the time of my life.

I say all this because Eric Siebert has now officially opened voting for Top 25 Virtualization Blogs. This is something that I have used back before I knew anyone to find all the great virtualization peeps out there.

So all I ask is this: If something I have contributed from this site has benefited you in some way consider giving me a vote. Whether the vSphere Mini Monitor, Celerra UBER VSA’s, vSphere WordPress Plugin, or blog articles about my job any consideration is appreciated. It would be really cool to show up somewhere in the final vote. Maybe not top 25 but top 50 would be awesome.

And I promise to take every vote as a sign I am helping and also promise some extremely cool stuff/posts in the near future.
So there is my selfish request, now back to creating stuff.

And even if you don’t vote a single one for me. GO VOTE. Feedback is the key to a thriving community.



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