A little bit of good news : VMware vExpert

Man what a roller coaster ride my life has been this year:

  1. I started a new job with EMC on the vSpecialist team
  2. Released my major update to the vSphere Mini Monitor
  3. Created the Celerra VSA UBER edition (now version 2)
  4. Helped create the VMware TechSummit labs(VSA, lab automation)
  5. Helped create the keynote demo for the announcement of the VPlex at EMCWorld 2010 (vSphere Plugin, automation scripts, Teleportation GUI, performance tuning).

I had just spent the last two days in Atlanta helping the rocking vSpecialist team redesign their lab network. This is the granddaddy of all the vSpecialist labs with tons of great demos we use frequently (live or recorded). They have grown so much they actually outgrew their original network design. I was on a plane about to take off back to Dallas when I pulled up my personal email on my iPad. In it I had an email from John Troyer informing me I had been made a vExpert for 2010. I just about leapt up in my cramped airline seat.

This is an extreme honor as I hold so many of 2009 vExperts in such high regard. Still a little humbling to imagine myself as part of this group but, I take this as a sign that the direction I am going is a good one. And will use it as motivation to do more for the VMware Community.

I wanted to give a big Thank You to John Troyer and his team for all the hard work they do. I also want to thank my fellow coworkers back at ThinkCash(now Think Finance), the VMware Community, Chad Sakac and his killer management team, and those great vSpecialists that keep me challenged on a daily basis.

I will try my best to represent this honor well.




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