Celerra VSA : OVA import bug

**** Go here for new version of UBER VSA ****

I have been deploying a lot of Celerra VSA’s (link here) over the last week. Part of that process has been figuring out why certain bugs or slowdowns occur and doing my best to resolve them (got some cool stuff coming).

Today I ran into an interesting error on a vCenter server while doing the import:

unsupported virtual hardware device: ‘VirtualSCSI’

This error occurs when trying to deploy the Celerra VSA OVA file. After looking around for a bit wondering why this wasn’t working and the other one was, I realized that this vCenter server was drastically behind on updates (no U1). One download and 30 minutes later I had a freshly updated vCenter and tried again.

Bingo – Deployed perfectly. So make sure your vCenter is running U1 before attempting to import the OVA.

Hopefully this helps someone who might run into the same issue


Celerra VSA

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  1. Thank you very much for this – I’ve been running into roadblock after roadblock in my SRM testing, and this was getting to be the last straw.

  2. Hi,

    I get a different status after the last reboot
    10 – slot_0 primari control station
    5 – slot_2 contacted
    0 – slot_3 reset

    Then, when I try to access to Celerra Manager, I loggin and get the flollowing message
    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    Any Advice?


  3. ohhh sorry I didn’t receive notification when you respond my post. Yes, Uber2 is running perfect, the problem was I didn’t wait enough time before try to connect to.

    Now I am trying to build a FMA/VE and celerra working together, I am also awaiting for a Centera Virtual appliance 🙂

    Thanks Kenneth

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