EMC Certification : My Experience

Yesterday I officially passed my first EMC certification test. I am now a full fledged EMCPA! So I know, this isn’t the highest-level and I am not going to impress the ladies down at the civic center. But, this is the first *storage* certificate for me and I am happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

I am working towards the Technical Architect track and so this test (E20-001) was the first step. I went through the Web Classroom training which was good. But the real secret is studying the ISM book (Amazon link).

I really enjoyed the material on fibre-channel protocol and the in-depth work calculating IOPs/capacity. I ended up making a huge Excel spreadsheet so I could play with the formulas.

The test was challenging. Some of the questions were not in the book or Web training and instead required some careful thought. Knowing your data replication methods and SAN topologies (even FC-AL) is extremely important.

I take tests more to help advance my knowledge (forced studying goals) than to get a certificate. I think EMC certification tracks will definitely add value to you as an individual. The track I am on is for employee/partners only. But they have a multitude of tracks available for customers also.

Take a look at their certification framework here.

So what is next for me? Well my CCNA is expiring in October, so I am going to focus on the CCNP composite test next. I will be using a combination of Boson NetSim and Train Signal material.



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  1. Would be great to see what you did with that spreadsheet!

    It’s always interesting seing the differences in IOPS between different systems. I had a 3-day technical course this week about Equallogic iSCSI SAN’s and I must say that I’m pretty convinced of the advantages (for midsize environments).

    • Well the calculations were not Vendor specific. It was more around Little’s law and how to estimate response time based on different factors.

      That said, maybe a good idea to clean up and post it.

  2. Congrats on the pass. I got spoiled in my 6 years @ EMC in that I never had to take any certs, so taking the expert exams after I left for the CLARiiON and Celerra were a bit tricky, but if nothing else spending time @ EMC did well to prep me for them. Best of luck grabbing the rest of the certs that you need ūüôā


  3. Congrats Nick, I have the ISM book but i’m planning to attend the official ISM training course next month, I dont have much experience with storage so i guess the training will add more value to me, what do you think, does it worth?

  4. Hi Alex,

    Need help
    I want to pursue my career in Storage. Kindly guide me the path from the Associate levle to Expert Level.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Roger,

    CongratulationsI want to pursue my career in Storage. Kindly guide me the path from the Associate levle to Expert Level.
    Thank you

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  7. Congrat man , i’m on my way to get the ccnp certification , i’m really impressed by the storage technologies , so i ¬†pruchased some books introducing it , i’ll also work toward either the Cisco Storage certification or the EMC one , wish you good luck ūüėȬ†

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