Well I better start adding content here sine I took the trouble to come up with the idea.

So here goes:

I just started working on my Dad’s campaign site for District Judge.  It has been awhile since I did web design and I am super rusty on CSS.  It took me 3 days to get the 2 column layout the way I wanted it.  I am still waiting on some content but it should be up soon.

I am going to take the Security+ test soon.  I have a friend who passed it. Him and another guy I work with tell me that I should ace it.  I read through a study guide and took a sample test.  I was surprised how shallow some of the questions were.  I guess going from Cisco tests to CompTIA is the wrong order.  I will also take my Cisco Firewall specialist test soon.  I have 30 training credits I have to use by May that should help.

I have recently worked on a new VPN solution with Cisco ASA that combines RSA Authentication(SDI), LDAP authorization, and Dynamic Access Lists.  I pitched it to the CTO, CSO, and my Director and it was a hit.  I can filter VPN access by user group, RSA key, Endpoint evaluation, or user certificate in the local store.  The idea was to allow different levels of access based on whether they are using a company provided laptop, home computer, or public computer.  Using the new setup we can issue certs to users that they can install on their personal workstation(home computer) which will just grant terminal access to their workstation at work.  They whole session will run in a Cisco Secure Destktop session which encrypts and securely wipes any local data.  Pretty cool setup.   I plan on posting a walkthrough on how I did it eventually.

I also got the new Cisco 1250 Wireless AP in.  Waiting on a power-injector(you need v4) but once it is setup I can start testing Draft 2.0 N onsite.

Well that is enough for now.



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